Sprite going through Tire Jump

Sprite MACH 2!

Sprite (Isengard Xcalibur) finished his MACH2 this weekend, with 2 QQs, 4th and 1st place on Saturday and two 2nd places on Sunday.

Congratulations Francoise and Sprite!

Andrae and Willow at Rally National Championship!

Willow and I ended up 14th out of 100 dogs in the first ever Rally National Championship. Four runs in one day with tough conditions.

Sprite on A Frame

Another QQ for Sprite!

Sprite earned his 18th QQ on Saturday towards his MACH2, with a third place in Standard and 6th place in JWW. Sprite was having a grand time, earning 25 points in Standard. We Qd again in Standard on Sunday (24 points). Way to go Sprite and Francoise!

Lucy Shines in Exc Agility

Lucy Q’d in both Exc Std and Jumpers on Sunday. She earned her 2nd leg in Exc. Std. with a 2nd place and her 1st leg in Exc. JWW with a 1st place. It was a fun weekend with great courses! On Saturday she Q’d in Open Fast. 

Took debuts in Exc Agility

Took earned got his first Ex. Std leg with a first place and the next day picked up his first Ex JWW leg.

Lee picks up another QQ

Lee Q’d in both Std and JWW on Saturday and Q’d in Standard on Sunday! Way to go Leapin’ Lee!

Lucy debuts in UKI Agility

Lucy Q’d, 1st place with all the twists and turns in UKI Champ/Senior Agility which is a standard run. We sucked at Snookers. Speedstake and Jumpers we didn’t have clean runs but not bad at all and I felt I got the hang of it. Videos to follow. What a great weekend! I so enjoy this sport. Congratulations Marion!

Tali finishes Open Std title

Tali got back in the agility ring for the first time in over a year. She earned two Exc Jumpers legs and finished her Open Std title.

Yum Debuts in Agility

Yum ran for the first time in AKC agility in Dixon over the weekend. She earned two standard legs and one jumpers leg.

Brodhi earns HRD1s

At 11 years old Brodhi earned his AHBA HRD1s (Herding Ranch Dog level 1 on Sheep) at Packleader Farm.

Congratulations Penny King and Brodhi!