Isengard Belgians

Congratulations to Ruth Avila on Evie’s BOB from the classes over top specials for 5 points at the BSCA Supported entry.

Evie was also WB/BW for a 5 point major at the NWBSC Specialty.

(Ackley x Tali)

Java was Best Puppy in Sweeps at the NWBSC Specialty and WB/BW at two of the Rose City shows for two 4 point majors from BBE. 

(Justin x Yum)

Kaspian was WD/BW for 4 pts at Rose City on Thursday and WD for 3 points on Sat at the BSCA Supported Entry at 7 months from BBE

(Xanthe x Lavender)

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