Finding a Belgian Malinois Puppy

I have owned and trained Belgian Sheepdogs for close to 40 years. I have seen the Belgian Malinois become the military and police dog of choice. They are a true working dog that has been very selectively bred to work long hours often in harsh conditions and to be mentally and physically tough. They have been bred to have the drive, energy and intense desire to keep working for hours on the job.

I have also seen huge numbers of people decide to produce Belgian Malinois litters for the sole desire to make a quick buck and fill the demand of folks who want a dog just like the dog they saw in the news or in a movie. They don’t care what sort of temperaments the parents or puppies have or health issues. They don’t care where the puppies go, and they don’t care if the people buying the cute 8 week old puppy know anything about the breed. Most of these dogs will end up in a shelter because they do not make good pets! Great working dogs but challenging pet dogs. Please spend a few hours researching this breed before deciding on bringing a dog into your home that will hopefully live with you and your family for 14 of 15 years.

They are high energy and high drive dogs, most want to be doing ‘something’ 24/7. This makes them good for competitive working homes who are committed to training their puppy every day multiple times a day and keep the puppy in a secure kennel where it can’t damage their home or yard when they don’t have time to interact with the puppy.  They are bred to have an intense desire to tug and grip. Necessary in a military or police dog but they NEED something in their mouths especially when bored. This can be furniture, door jams, decks, sheet rock, fencing, pant legs, hands ….  Read More Here

Photo courtesy the WOOF Project

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