Whimsey Puppies Here! Born July 27th

Whimsey and Hondo puppies came, 5 boys and 2 girls. All thriving and Whim had an easy delivery and is being a great mom.

They are with Nikki Puccini in Ohio.

Ivy competes at first UKC shows

Ivy completed three days of shows with 73 points. 100 required for UKC Championship.

Friday July 18, Best Female of Variety, Best Female All Varieties.
Saturday July 19, Best Female of Variety, Best Female All Varieties, Best of Winners,
Best of Breed and Herding Group 3.
Sunday July 20, Best Female of Variety

Way to go Peggy!

Willow qualifies for Rally Nationals!

Willow and I went to our first Rally trial since Nationals in March and she was fantastic. Second place on time with a 98 in Exc. B – tied for first but lost on time our good friend Bob Fullum. Second place in Adv B with a 96 as she ticked the jump and second to another friend Pam Anderson-Blackstone. So we are qualified once again for Rally Nationals in St Louis. In the meantime we have been running a little agility and we have earned our OAF and OA all with first places and 1 Open JWW. Go Willow!! Big shout out to Petra Ford and her amazing canine conditioning class which has helped us so much!!

Congratulations Andrae and Willow!

Lee Q’s 6 out of 6 runs!

Lee is picking up those QQ’s for his PACH!! What a good boy!

Congratulations Susan!

Sprite going through Tire Jump

Sprite Q’s 5 out of 6 runs!

Sprite placed in 4 out of 5 runs in Masters, including a first place!

Way to go Francoise and Sprite!

Poppy passes NW Level 1 Containter elements

Last weekend Poppy passed her NW Level 1 “Container” elements and now has a L1-C title, in addition to her NW2. A NW L1-C is a NW test where she had from 60 to 90 secs each try to find Birch odor in various different sizes and shaped boxes in 4 separate scenarios… She easily located odor in multiple boxes… on wet grass, on wet pavement during a thunderstorm), in a classroom, and in a hallway- with a draft. She passed with flying colors!

Congratulations Cathie and Poppy!

Ticket earns his Herding Intermediate title in 3 trials!

Congratulations to CH Isengard’s Beginning the Journey Again CD NA NAJ HIAs PT JHD for earning his Herding Intermediate title in two weekends with two 1st places and a 4th. Way to go Margot McKereghan!!