Isengards Weekend Warrior PT, NW3-Elite, ELT-1, NW3C, NW3I, NW3E, NW3V, & NW element speciality trials= L1E, L1V, L1I, L3C


Born: January 3, 2009


Owner: Cathie Laber


BSD-4006E46M-VPI ; BSD-EL1703M46-VPI ; BSD-TH226/46M-VPI ; CERF BSD-2063/2010

Complete Scissors

One testicle, neutered.


Lex is the first Belgian Sheepdog to earn his NW3 and the NW3 Elite!

Elite translates to NW3 x 3. We did the last two titles with “back to back” qualifying in NW3 trials in a little over a 3 week period.

We also attained our NW3-Elite title in only 6 total trials … With top overall placements in all of his titling trials… – in three different states! ( 3rd OR, 2nd CA, 1st WA!)

Lexus is one of only 14 NW3-Elite dogs currently in North America / World with this “elusive” title. We were the first Belgian Sheepdog to attain his NW1, NW2, NW3, and NW3 – Elite.

Lexus and I have qualified and have been invited to the annual NACSW NW3 Invitational this year in CA. (A three day NW3 competition)

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