CH MACH6 Isengard’s Viva Le Cool CD TD HSAds MXG MJC MXF T2B MAD BSCA Agility HOF


Born: April 18, 2008


Owner: John and Beth Elliot


BSD-3778G26M-VPI ; BSD-EL1488M26-VPI ; CERF BSD-348451 ; BSD-TH198/30M-VPI ; CHIC 71730


Cole just finished his SIXTH MACH! Handled by John Elliot. Congratulations!!

In herding he earned his Herding Started title on both sheep and ducks handled by Beth Elliot.

BSCA Agility HIT 2012 and 2013 and 2014!

BSCA Celebration of Life Award winner 2014

In the conformation ring Cole finished his Championship at 17 months owner handled.

V Litter