Am/Can Ch Isengard’s Just In Time CD RE HXAs HSAcd MX MXJ TT ATDs OTDd WDX-C WD-H ROM


Born: November 25th, 1999


Owned by Lorra Miller

Frozen Semen Available


CERF BSD1157/2009; OFA 2815G25M-PI ; EL622M25-PI ; BSD-TH40/18M-PI ; CHIC 13342 : W. 11/25/99

OFA Champion of Health


Justin started out with a Reserve Winners Dog at the 2000 BSCA National at 6 months from the BBE class.At the 2002 BSCA Specialty Justin won HIT in Herding in both the Herding Trials, was 1st in Open Standard Agility with a 100, passed the ATTS Test, and was awarded Select in Conformation.
He is the sire of 13 champion offspring and two MACHs. Two daughters have group placements from the classes. Maddie is a HIT obedience winner and Group Placer Maddie and Lisa has earn her Agility HOF and Stella has both majors including WB and BW at the 2008 National Specialty. Justin was 1st in the Stud Dog Class at the 2004 BSCA National Specialty and Versatility Award Winner with two HIT in herding, two HSAd legs and two HIs legs plus two first place runs in Open Agility. On his first weekend in Canada he picked up 2 BOBs and a Group 4 for 6 pts. His next weekend up he finished his Canadian Ch.
He has been shown 9 times in ASCA herding before moving to California and qualified every time with several placements. He has his Advanced Trial Dog title on Sheep and Open duck title. He finished up his HIAs with a 3rd place and his HSAd with a 1st place and a lovely run and score of 90. He picked up his first leg on his HXAs with a 2nd place on his first try in Advanced and finished with another 2nd place. He has a leg in ASCA Started Cattle.
He earned his second OAJ leg and his first AX leg with firsts at the BSCA 2006 National. Between a couple of litters of puppies, teenage boys and a major remodel I just had not been able to get Justin to class and train on a regular basis in agility. Susan Anderson recently retired to Colorado and now is a trainer at an agility school and competes with her own Belgians, Justin’s sister Shyla and nephew Ring in AKC and USDAA agility on a regular basis. She volunteered to have him visit and very quickly finished up his titles! He recently finished his RN with two firsts and a second with scores of 100, 100 and 99 shown by Billy Anderson.
Justin picked up his 4th DQ and 18 MACH pts his first time out in agilty with Billy Anderson, a couple of weeks later he earned his 5th DQ and finished his MX with a 3rd in Std and a 1st in Jumpers for his 9th MXJ leg. At the 2008 National Specialty he Q’d 3 out of four of his Excellent runs finishing his MXJ and earning his 6th DQ, finished his CD with a 2nd place and earned an insurance leg with a 3rd place. He qualified on both RA runs and placed 2nd on both of his Advanced Herding runs. Then he went on to Best in Working Sweeps and another Select.

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Justin’s Offspring