CH Isengard’s Beginning the Journey Again UDT AX AXJ XF HIAs PT JHD WDX-C


Born July 2nd, 2011


Owned by Margot McKereghan


BSD-4102E26M-VPI HIPS Sep 14 2013

BSD-EL1792M26-VPI ELBOW Sep 14 2013

BSD-EYE356/60M-PI EYES Jul 27 2016

K Locus KBKB will not allow fawn, brindle, tan points in offspring (Dominant Black)


Congratulations on earning HT in first two tests and PT in his next two at just a year!

Both majors at 10 months, Ticket finished with 4 majors.

Congratulations on Ticket’s HSAs leg at the Nationals with a 2nd place. He has finished his herding started title and has multiple herding HITs. He earned his CD in 3 shows with scores all about 195.

Ticket earned his Herding Intermediate title in 3 trials with two 1st places and a 4th!

B Litter