Isengard’s Adagio AAD AX MXJ XF CA HIC


Born: June 10, 2011


Owned by Carole Murphy


Eyes checked clear at 8 weeks


Dodger and Carole are cleaning up in the agility ring!

News from Carole, went to the TRACs agility trial yesterday in Dixon (just doing the one day this weekend). And Dodger got 3 Qs and 3 Firsts! One in Open Standard, one in Open JWW, one in Open FAST. Now he has 3 Qs in Standard (his OA) and 2 in JWW and 1 in FAST.

In AKC, Dodger has his AX and 2 legs on AXJ and one on Excellent FAST with 28 points in T2B Q’s.

In USDAA, Dodger has the AAD.  We have 3 or 4 Qs each in Advanced Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, and Gamblers, plus 1 Q in Advanced Pairs. He has 1 leg in Masters Jumpers, on his first try, at Regionals on Labor Day weekend!

2011 A Litter