Ch Isengard-n-Sumerwynd Neojax UD RE MXB MXJ MXF PT HIC FMD CGC TT AAD WDX-C Select 2008 Agility HOF


Born: August 29, 2002


Owner: Michelle Wilson


CERF BSD-1439/2008 ; BSD-3134G24M-PI ; BSD-1493M94-PI; CHIC 19078

Complete Scissor

Frozen Semen Available


Agility High in Trial at BSCA National 2004 and Reserve Winners Dog

Obedience High in Trial BSCA National 2008

Jax finished up by taking his third major at Sacramento DFA. Jax is Michelle’s first show dog and she handled him to all his points. Jax and Michelle had a great specialty in 2004. Jax won HIT in Agility for fastest combined Standard and Jumpers and in Conformation he won the Open Dog class and was RWD .

Jax finished his Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles with five 1st places and one 2nd place. He finished his Open Standard with two 1st places and a 2nd place and finished his Open Jumpers with three 1st places. He earned his MXJ with many 1st and high placements racking up the MACH pts. and his first Exc Std leg with a first place. He finished his CD with placements and some very nice scores. He earned his first CDX leg with a 1st place! He now has his UD and RA.

In herding Jax earned both his HT and PT on his first two tries with little opportunity to work stock, only 3 or 4 lessons.

N Litter