Ch Isengard’s Ypres NW3 Elite


Born: October 29, 2009


Owner: Cathie Laber


CERF BSD-360404 ; BSD-4007G36F-VPI ; BSD-EL1704F36-VPI; BSD-TH227/36F-VPI

CHIC # 85895


Poppy finished with 4 majors at 12 months and one day!

She earned her NW 1 and passed her  NW2 May 26, 2014.
She did the 3:00 minute exterior (1 hide) in 33.91 seconds… (With a pronounced for “perfect” teamwork ) She did the vehicles in 50.89 seconds (2hides)… She did containers (luggage) with food and ball Distractors in 1:53 minutes with 2 hides… And three rooms (2/1 hides) on interiors with a total of 6 minutes in 4.03 minutes. Now onto NW3!

Poppy on completed her NW3 today with ‘Pronounced’ on 3 out of 4 elements. The first Ch NW3 and 3rd NW3 Elite Belgian Sheepdog.

Y Litter