Isengard’s Rissa HIC


Born: September 2, 2005


Owner: Daniel Miller


9/2/2005 – 3/23/2010

Lost far too soon, we will always miss you Guppy Puppy.

Guppy was the smallest puppy in her litter, thus named ‘Guppy Puppy’ by my son Daniel. She was just 5 months old and we were waiting for just the right home for her when she and her grandmother Dana took off after a deer at dusk while I was out with the dogs doing chores. We live on 29 wooded acres in the Santa Cruz mountains, we had fenced most of our property but were waiting on some grading to be done, just 2 more weeks to complete it. Dana was hit by a car and killed immediately and Guppy was close to death with a fractured pelvis and collapse lung and fractured nasal cavity. Thankfully I got her to the vet in time and we were able to save her. I can not say how devastated we all were that night and for many months to come. But Guppy bounced back after two months of restricted activity and she found her forever home here as my son’s heart dog. Then at about 18 months she went downhill and was diagnosed with Chylothroax and again things looked grim for her. But we took her to a specialist who sent us immediately to the UC Davis vet school. They were not optimistic on her chances for recovery but we tried the surgery and after another long recovery she beat the odds and was full of life and sparkle again. Spoiled rotten and princess of the house, which she let all the other dogs know except her mom, we had hoped to have her with us for a very long time but this spring she went downhill and the only thing we could do was let her go.

Preliminary hip x-rays done as part of her procedures were excellent. Eyes clear 11/07

Complete Scissors



Not Shown

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